Bill Felt entered the ministry in 1981 and has served in various churches in different ministries, in assistance to the pastor. He is presently serving as the Sunday School Superintendent at The Pentecostals of Hayward, under Pastor R. J. Hall.

As an avid Bible Study Teacher, he has seen a need for new outreach and discipleship material. His first work was a pocket size booklet called ďAid to the ScripturesĒ then various tracts. His latest work is The Godís Covenants Bible Study and the Abudant Life Bible Study.
Living Word Bible Study- Ministry
Our Story:

Bill and Deanna Felt started their business in June of 1991 in their home with four small children; Aaron, Jennifer, Rachel and Andrew.

Times were hard, but with Godís help in just three short months they had a store front business.

With over 25 years experience we are proud to serve our clientele with print and sign products that reflect the highest attention to detail and a consistent commitment to customer service.

Felt's Printing & Signs provides full color printing of business cards, brochures, fliers, greeting cards, postcards, envelopes, letterhead, door hangers, books, booklets, posters, vinyl signs and more. Available in both long- and short-run quantities, their digital and four-color printing can be done in a variety of papers, sizes and finishing styles. With affordable prices and quick turnaround time, you can't go wrong!

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Felt's Printing & Signs
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Bible Studies
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